Calendar: Leadership Development Workshops in Concord, NC


1st – Josh Honeycutt, Allen Paschall
3rd – Mike Hartz, Jacob Hinson, Meredith Mayhew, Jan Thigpen
5th – Jim Lowder, Thomas Ousley
6th – Becky Coln, Alvin Nowlin
8th – Faye Trexler
11th – Mark Munson
12th – Amber Allen, Linda Heilig
16th – Pat Thomas
18th – Mae Hatley, Linda Singletary
19th – Betty Everhart, Corianna King, Tammy Kepley,
Ginger Knight, Doni Morro
21st – Jersey Baird
23rd – Isaac Hinson
25th – Miles Curlee, Carolyn Rabon, Elizabeth Sehorn
29th – Christie Chadborn
30th – Scarlet Jones
31st – Paul Gurley

5th – Mike & Sandy Drake
7th – Rick & Dana Campbell
16th – Scotty & Robin Furr, Glenn & Linda Singletary
21st – Sam & Jenny Knight


It is a beautiful time of the year. Hallelujah for His creation that we enjoy each and every day. He (Jesus) has truly given us life, and it is more abundant day by day as our life becomes closer and closer to Him. Bless His name forever more!

This month will be a time to celebrate our mothers. They may still be with you or they may be gone to be with Jesus…Pray to God, not to be with the devil.

There are some old lines of a poem about moms that I’ve always remembered. It says, “If you have a kiss for mother, give it now. She won’t need it when she’s gone. Plant it softly on her brow. If you have a flower, give it now. She won’t need it when she gets to heaven. She will have them scattered at her feet galore.”

We love all of you mothers! Your commitment to life and to providing for those you love never go unnoticed. Happy Mother’s Day! I’ll see you at His house.

I love you,