Calendar: Leadership Development Workshops in Concord, NC

8th – Natalie Strube

9th – Robert Gee

11th – Martha Simpson

12th – Sawyer Thigpen

19th – Erica Dunlap, Kelly Dunlap, Janet McClamrock

20th – Timmie Beaver

21st – Caylee Lowder, Flossie Passmore

22nd – Pam McClure

26th – Cliff Ford

29th – Ron Gaskey

31st – Amanda Curlee


9th – Gary & Juanita Clay

11th – Joe & Terri Trexler

15th – Randy & Jenny Furr

26th – Jeremy & Kristin Wilson

27th – Danny & Tammy Jacobs

28th – Jon & Doni Morro



And above all, love each other deeply…” I PETER 4:8

Happy New Year to my Broadus family. If you are part of my family and you’ve been here a long time, I’m a little envious of you. You have seen children grow up and seasoned saints leave for our eternal home. If you are fairly new, like me, I know a little about how you feel. We are making our way through families, new friends, ministries and abbreviations- like OFH. It took me a while to figure that one out! Anyway, for all my family, I am thankful. Not thankful for perfect people, but for people who love each other.

In Peter 4:8, the Word says, “And above all, love each other deeply…”. I challenge you this new year to love deeply; to ask God to give you more love and compassion so that you can walk alongside others who need you. Only the Holy Spirit can give the grace, patience and strength that you will need to do this, but He will do it. Thank you for being great examples of love, mercy and grace to me and Tim. I love this journey that we are on together. To God Be the Glory!


Denise Smither



Church revitalization is a hot topic, and ideas for congregations can bring fresh energy and meaning to personal and family life, too. Consider the following tips:

  • HAVE A CLEAR VISION. It’s easy to go along day to day without considering what you’re moving toward. Beyond the everyday routine, what bigger vision does God have for you? This year, take specific steps toward living that out.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. What gets you excited — even passionate? What issues or situations break your heart? What are you good at? Resolve to use a talent or something you enjoy to help heal hurts.
  • BALANCE HISTORY WITH INNOVATION. Honor your past as God’s gift that makes you who you are, but be open to change. Dare to step out in faith for the sake of your life’s mission. Try something new in the spirit of the God who’s always doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19; Revelation 21:5).

The best way to revitalize a church might be to revitalize the lives of its individual members!