Calendar: Leadership Development Workshops in Concord, NC

1st – Kirby Allen, Jean Blackwelder, Darrel Furr

4th – Judi Blas

6th – Christopher Mahaffey

7th – Emily Wilson

9th – Alisha Hartz

10th – Tim Kepley

11th – Hilda Burr, Scottie Furr, Doug Steadman

12th – MaryJo Blackwelder

13th – Kristi Gurley

14th – Martha Tucker

20th – Leonard Aguilar, Sarah Swink

22nd – Greg Barbee, Barbara Morton

23rd – Corinna Ousley

24th – Nelda Furr, Tim Furr, Ramelle Lowder

26th – Perry Freeze, Terry Furr

27th – Pam Furr

29th – Isabella Noah


To fall in love with God is the greatest of romances, to seek him the greatest adventure, to find him the greatest human achievement.


1st – Kirby & Judy Allen

7th – Jim & Sharon Cook


Almost everyone (at least of the female persuasion) knows the romantic meaning of the phrase “hearts and flowers.” Valentine’s Day is coming! What will I get from my boyfriend … my husband … my best friend? I’m hoping for some sort of bouquet, a card full of loving words and red hearts, candy or at least a sweet balloon.

Human beings may disappoint. That special someone may forget to check the calendar for February 14. But even if he doesn’t come through exactly as I hope, I can still be amazed and happy with the valentine I am sure to receive every day from my heavenly Father and his

Son: words of delight and joy and caring — always surrounding me with love and more love. These are the best “hearts and flowers” I could ever have, and which I do have, on Valentine’s Day and throughout eternity.


Though not a fan of making New Year’s resolutions, Jen Kramer decided to add meaning to 2018 by declaring it #theyearoflove. Each day she wrote a “love note” to a different person, expressing gratitude and offering encouragement. Recipients ranged from waiters and custodians to relatives and a terminally ill friend.

The experiment may have stemmed from the sudden, unexpected death of Kramer’s father while she was away at college. “Why don’t we say those things to people while they’re here?” she tells the Chicago Tribune. “It’s easy to be kind, and it’s easy to tell people how you feel.”

Kramer’s campaign didn’t cost a cent, yet it changed her life and touched hundreds of people in the process. Wherever she went, she discovered that “love showed up.” It’s simple, Kramer says: “You just have to look.”


Many stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day have come down through the centuries. There’s no definitive story, but most revolve around the imprisonment of Valentinus (St. Valentine) for his disregard of Roman laws.

Many legends are also associated with Valentine’s Day. For example, because birds seemed to arrive and mate in some countries in mid-February, human couples came to be called “love birds.”

In 1667, the first recorded Valentine card was printed. Today, people will give their sweethearts countless millions of cards and acres of heart-shaped boxes filled with candy. But why wait for Valentine’s Day to share love with others? Remember Jesus’ words in John 13:34: A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.