Meticulous bible readings in Concord, NC

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

In the first part of II Thessalonians 1:3, Paul “We are bound to thank God always…”  The word ‘bound’ in Greek (translated) to English literally means “to owe.”  That’s the meaning of Thanksgiving to me.  We ‘owe’ it to God to thank Him always, not just on one day.  We owe Him our thanks every day, for all things, all the time.  In other words, we should have a “thanksgiving spirit” each and every day of our lives. 

Do you have a thanksgiving spirit?  Or do you possess it only when it suits you -- when things go your way or for your own personal cause?  If He gave His all (His Son Jesus) in an act of love for us.  Do we not owe Him our unending thanks for such an unspeakable gift?

This Thanksgiving day, think about the spirit that deserves our thanks.  If He abides in you continually, then should not thanksgiving be a continual, daily thing in our lives?  It’s not about repaying Him, because we could never do that.  It’s about giving our whole life to Him.

Stay faithful.  Be grateful.  Always have a thanksgiving spirit!    I will see you at His House!

I love you,

Verse for the Month:

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus

concerning you.

~I Thessalonians 5:18~


Thought for the Month: 

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

~Mark Twain~


Pastor’s Thought for the Month:

The turkey can’t be thankful unless he’s pardoned or free!  So it is with us!


Thoughts to Ponder!

  1. Good morning. This is God.  I will be handling all of your problems today.  I will not need your help.  So have a good day.
  2. We have many “Thomas Christians” today – those who only believe what they can feel, see, hear or touch. Real faith in God is based on the word of God.
  3. When we worship God through our voices or our instruments, we create an environment for Him to move and demonstrate Himself.
  4. When believers are prepared, passionate and engaged in evangelism, the demons arm for battle.
  5. I am praying that we would see what happens outside the walls of the church as equally important as what happens inside the walls of the church.
  6. People are being discipled by their cable news stations. They’re being shaped by their social media feeds, producing more and more waves of division.
  7. Engaging others, whether we know them or not, around the gospel is something all of us should seek to do each week.
  8. We must care more about our integrity and character than the size of our churches.