Dynamic Family Bible Study in Concord, NC

To All Social Media Folks:

First of all, THANK YOU for your interest in our church and its programs.  It’s a blessing to know there are people searching for the things of God.

The link you’re viewing now is about “Prayer.”  It’s our intro on that subject, and at times I will add, as our Lord’s servant, additional thoughts about prayer. We hope you’ll check back here on occasion to see what’s been added.

We believe, as the Word of God says, that Jesus expects us to pray, not just when we are in trouble, but always.  In Matthew 6:6 on the sermon on the mount, Jesus says, “When thou (you) prayest…”  He does not say, if you decide to pray, or when you occasionally pray or when you choose to pray.  He says when you do pray… Jesus believes those who are true believers are already praying.  So when you pray, He says do these things, then He lists them.

The greatest authority the Lord grants us is to speak the Word in prayer as we talk to Him -- to speak it over lives, our families, other families, issues and problems.  He also gives us authority to speak it over the places we work, the schools our children attend and the government we are under.

Because we have the keys to the kingdom of heaven, our greatest power in prayer is to “bind and loose,” as Jesus tells us Matthew 16:19 and in again in chapter 18:18.  Do you know how to pray this way?  Do you know what it means?  Have you ever done something purely by faith?  For example, have you laid hands on someone who is sick or hurting, and prayed for their healing out of faith that He will answer your prayer?  Take a look at Mark 16:18b, which speaks to exactly that.  Those who are hurting need this and are waiting on this.  That’s what this link will be about.

Let us know about your prayer request or your desire for someone or for something.  In our congregation, we have people committed to prayer, who serve as Prayer Warriors.  During their daily prayer time, they will call your name and situation out to the Lord. If not your name, then your situation if your request is anonymous.  Prayer requests can be submitted below.


That’s Our Word from the Word for Today,

Preacher Rodney