Meticulous bible readings in Concord, NC


Dear Broadus Family,

I say "family" because it really is true; we are "part" of the family of God that meets at 59 Green Street. Brothers and sisters under our Father's hand, and our Savior, Master and Brother Jesus' hand. We are joint heirs with Him. Hallelujah!

Real family is different from fake family. Some say they have a family, but do not. They just like the concept and being able to say it. There are some like that at this fellowship. It's sad, when there is a Father who wants to adopt you!

This month, we will proceed from summer into fall. It doesn't seem possible to me. It really does seem like we just started 2020. Even so, it's true. Are you using the fleeing time wisely for the cause of Jesus? If not, you should start before it's too late...Because time waits for no man.

Stay true to the Word and to your faith (if you have it). I'll see you at His House!

I love you,