Meticulous bible readings in Concord, NC


Dear Broadus Church Family in Our Lord Jesus,

Hallelujah to God for allowing America to stand another year. Today I wonder if the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is pleased with America? What do you think? Whatever reason or answer you give, why do you believe a certain way? Are they really your own personal thoughts and reasons, or are they someone else's?

I ask you: Do you think we are blessed by God or under a curse right now? Why or why not? Can you critically think and answer these questions? Are they Biblical or are they of man? Where will man's, thoughts and ways get us when they are not of God or of the Bible? An eternity separated from God!

The battle is raging for the soul of an America that was raised by God to be an "ally" of Israel and to support her. Whoever blesses her, God will bless; whoever curses her, God will curse (GENESIS 12:3)

Are you following the ones who are determined to destroy the Bible in America and its moral and governmental laws that our nation is built upon? Will you be blessed or cursed? It is your choice! And choices, good or bad, always have consequences...

Stay faithful to Him, to His Word and to His House! The government destroyers don't want you to... I will see you there!

I love you,